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Is it a need for companies to equip themselves with preventive maintenance scheme?

It is a norm that every company has audiovisual equipment equipped in the office for business purposes and to further increase productivity between fellow colleagues. However, many corporations have yet to engage in preventive maintenance schemes for their AV equipment as they believe that it is not significant in their business ecosystem and do not anticipate any problems arising. This could be a problem for most companies as avoiding these preventive measures will lead to reduced productivity and also reduced a business profitability level. Therefore, here are the 3 important reasons on why you should have preventive maintenance for your AV systems.

1) Scheduled maintenance helps reduce any complications during important business meetings

Having preventive measures for AV equipment is important as it allows you to schedule a check on your AV equipment and subsequently improving the equipment life. Furthermore, it helps to reduce any precarious time when you need the AV system to carry out important business meetings and also reduces the change of emergency calls that can impact the efficiency of your business.

2) Avoid disruptive systems when closing important deal with customers

In the event that your AV system ceases to work in the middle of any important business proposals or meetings, losses can be incurred which is usually higher than the cost of fixing your AV system. For example, when you want to secure a lucrative deal with your client through video conferencing, the AV systems started to go out of control. This will alter the impression the client have towards your company and thus, you are unable to close the deal, which will incur additional losses to your business. This is an unquantifiable risk you should endeavour not to encounter in order to maximize profit. As such, having preventive maintenance is vital in building your company's reputation and maintaining rapport with clients.

3) Preventive maintenance keeps software and hardware to work more efficiently

With preventive maintenance, companies are able to update their hardware and software more efficiently. This ensures that the AV systems are able to operate at a higher capacity, which will benefit most from your investment. Without updating the AV systems for a long period of time, this will cause complications and will affect the operations of your business. At ESCO, the preventive maintenance scheme will protect your AV assets, keep your systems functioning and will guarantee a longer life expectancy.

All in all, preventive maintenance is fairly important for companies who have AV systems incorporated in their business ecosystem. It is better to be prepared than to lose any potential deals that are worth more than preventive measures schemes. In ESCO, we have highly-trained and knowledgeable technicians to inspect your audiovisual and unified communications systems. With the preventive maintenance schemes, we ensure that all your AV equipment is at the top level of performance. Contact us at today for preventive maintenance schemes.

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