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ESCO joins the Techno Horizon Group

Technology, linking us to the future beyond the horizon, is the tag line of Japan’s Nikkei listed Techno Horizon Group. ESCO is pleased to join the Techno Horizon Group as a wholly owned subsidiary of its Group Company, Elmo Co. Ltd.

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About Elmo

ELMO has been a creator of visual equipment since its establishment in 1921, delivering information and communications to multitudes of people since that time. Now as we enter the IoT era, where people can connect with anyone, anytime, anywhere, ELMO is ready to contribute to society by creating richer, more satisfying lifestyles through ongoing research and development of cutting-edge technology.

About the Techno Horizon Group

The Techno Horizon Group offers a wide range of products and services based on optoelectronics. The Group’s goal is to contribute globally to both people and society. The group encompasses a number of different fields, including education, factory automation (FA), healthcare, and safety/lifestyle. The group is constantly seeking innovative ways to make life better for customers as they steadily move forward into the bright future beyond the horizon.

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