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ESCO Introduces ESCO Virtual Assistant (EVA) – The way we support our customers

Imagine this, a dozen pair of eyes trail you as you walk into a conference room to start a meeting. After fiddling with the cables and setting up your laptop, nothing shows up on the monitor. Something has gone wrong, but you can’t figure out what. You try in vain for another 10 minutes before calling in IT support, but he can’t figure it out either. IT support finally calls the AV vendor and tries in vain to describe the problem over the phone. After much back and forth, your AV vendor commits to send a technician down the next day but the you have to reschedule the meeting and everyone’s time is wasted.

This is a common scenario in the workplace today and we have the solution to bring real-time support to our customers. EVA provides Two-Way Audio & Video Support with system experts via Real-Time Chat or Video Conferencing.

How does it work?

ESCO provides a unique QR code for every meeting room. Upon scanning the QR code, you can get a host of the meeting room information such as user guides, FAQs and even room schematics. You can even initiate a video call with our technical support team who will know exactly where you are calling from and will have all the technical information available to guide you.

No, you do not have to install any applications on your phone for this. Just scan the code and you are ready to go. In addition to your unique QR codes we also provide welcome space endpoints. Simply walk to a tablet endpoint and press a button to speak to our technical support.

For more information about EVA, visit:

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