Coffee Talk with ESCO Vol. 17 • Leomar Canon

As the saying goes, “All work but no play makes Jack a dull boy.” In every volume, Coffee Talk with ESCO chats up our team to find out more about their passion off-work. We are excited to have Leomar Canon, AV Engineer / Safety Officer of ESCO Philippines to share with us about his passion to travel with his Motorcycle.


My name is Leomar Canon

AV Engineer/ Safety Officer, ESCO Philippines

Just in case you do not know who I am. I have been working at ESCO Unified Solutions for the past 5 years and right now, I am going to share a tidbit of my life outside work with you.

I’ve certainly been there at different points in my life, although these days I have to say that I’ve found a well good balance between all the major things in my life, including work, family, and other things I’m interested in. Motorcycling is a dangerous sport however, for someone that loves to travel, it has always been my hobby.

We had a thrilling ride at Mount Lubog, Tanay Rizal with my buddies.

I came in prepared for this trip. I knew beforehand that it will be very tiring, and it might take more than just a couple of day. This is my first time at Atok, Benguet which is one of my favourite tourists spot in the Philippines away from the city life.