Perfecting AV Essentials in Hospitality

There are an increasing number of industries that utilises Audio-Visual technologies as their center of operations to attract customers’ attention. This is more so for the hospitality industry, such as restaurants featuring live band performances, hotels and resorts.

There are endless possibilities for the venue usage, ranging from simple meeting rooms packages, showcasing concerts, broadcasting sport matches, holding symposiums, organising birthday parties, wedding reception, product launches, press conferences to larger corporate gatherings, and more. Not to mention that there are some events held in more challenging outdoor environments such as those by the sea. The one thing in common is that these types of event rely mostly on the Audio Visual as their method of delivering the content.

Due to the nature of the event, the Audio-Visual design has to be versatile enough to accommodate each different requirement. A good sound reinforcement system is required to reproduce speech during presentation, vocals needs to be emphasised during live band performance. In synergy with the audio, a good display system is also very important to deliver the desired visual content.