Avocor F8650 Interactive Display Review

ESCO has recently acquired an Avocor F8650 interactive display for our boardroom in replacement of the 84" surface hub that was originally installed.

I did a basic setup and spent some time exploring the functions of the new screen. Here’s my review of this product:

The Avocor F50 series (F8650) utilises the latest InGlass technology, combined with an optically bonded glass which includes a new, ultra-fast ink touch performance that supports up to 20 individual touch points and 4 pens. Since the product was advertised as an interactive and collaborative tool for meetings, I have decided to test it out by installing several collaboration softwares on the OPS computer that supports Windows 10.

The first software that was installed is the Zoom Room video conferencing solution. Combining the touch screen capability and Zoom Room's feature, the Zoom Room software automatically switched itself to the touch screen version.