Coffee Talk with ESCO Vol. 8 • Justin Tinio (ESCO Philippines)

As the saying goes, "All work but no play makes Jack a dull boy." In every volume, Coffee Talk with ESCO chats up our team mates to find out more about their passion off work. We are excited to have Justin Tinio, Design Engineer of ESCO Philippines to share with us about his weekend escapades.

Hello! My name is Justin, Design Engineer.

Biking started off as a curiosity for me but have evolved into something of an obsession. I would like to share more of this sport with you all!

How did you get hooked into biking?

Justin: At first, I didn’t expect to be into it. During my college years, it was a hobby picked up by my friends, so I thought to give it a try. One day, one of my close friends invited me to visit Cartimar which happens to be a cycling hub in Pasay, Manila.

A bike shop in Cartimar

Once we were there, I was so amazed by all the bicycles racked up in front of each shop. I never knew that each type of bike was used for a specific purpose. A road bike, for example, is typically used on paved roads, focusing on speed and smooth riding. While mountain bicycles were meant for thrill seekers, it’s built for off-road terrains.

Justin's Road Bike and Mountain Bike