Coffee Talk with ESCO Vol. 2 • Jeremy Liao

As the saying goes, "All work but no play makes Jack a dull boy." In every volume, Coffee Talk with ESCO chats up our team mates to find out more about their passion off work. We are excited to have Jeremy Liao, Project Engineer to share with us about his passion in PC Customization.

Hello! My name is Jeremy Liao, Project Engineer.

Being an avid lover of gaming and taking things apart (and sometimes failing to put them back together). To satiate my ever increasing demands for better gaming performance and graphics, my curiosity led me to learn more about the hardware and inner workings behind what makes the best gaming system.

​Customized ​Gaming Cube

I derive great joy in tinkering and having control over every aspects of my PC build. As my (expensive) addiction grew, I regularly frequent YouTubers like LinusTechTips to learn more about building elaborate and immaculate systems.

"My dream is to learn and build a fully custom, liquid cooling showpiece PC, like a piece of Art."

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