AV Over IP – Where are we?

Most of you have heard about the revolutionary AV over IP, that AV is moving into IT Network and this will replace many of the conventional AV Systems. How true are these statements exactly? Where are we at in the evolution of AV over IP?

There are definitely advantages of using AV over IP against the traditional way of using AV Switchers and Scalers/ Converters, one of which is the infrastructure of IT network, all we need is the connection between the equipment and network point. This means that we can re-use the existing IT network infrastructure when deploying solution, eliminating the need to reinstall the infrastructure for an AV System.

With regards to AV cabling, there is no specific requirements to using only HDMI, DVI or Display Port cables. Category copper cables, being a more cost effective alternative, can be used as well. It can be easily expanded by adding more Network ports in the Network Switchers. Network Switchers are cheaper than AV switchers.

All the advantages mentioned to this point apply to any AV over IP device in the market today. However, when we analyse it in detail we find that some areas can still be improved when fully deploying an AV over IP solution.

1. There is no audio breakout