The Great ESCObition @ MBS

Last month has been an exciting month for our team. We are pleased with the successful show at the Systems Expo 2017 held at the Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre from 26th July to 28th July 2017. The Systems Expo 2017 was also held alongside Tourism Technology 2017 and Pro AVL Asia.

Today, collaboration and convenience are some of the key factors for consideration when it comes to solutions in the workplace. To cater to this, our team showcased an array of collaborative solutions that are easy to use and integrate into any work spaces at the show. The Microsoft Surface Hub

With its expansive multi-touch screen and wide-angle high-definition cameras and built-in microphone, the Microsoft Surface Hub is an all in one collaborative device that works beautifully in the modern workplace. The Surface Hub comes in two sizes – 84”and 55”. For this event, a 55” Surface Hub was set up for interested visitors to experience the Surface Hub in action. For this event, the Surface Hub was wall mounted though users can choose other options such as a motorized stand.

To demonstrate the collaborative functions of the Surface Hub, our team has several (impromptu) meetings at the show. Here, we have our Executive Director who assisted with the demonstration.

To showcase the fluidness and impressive responsiveness of the Surface Hub, our team used it frequently for mock discussions and even for little leisure activities.