IT Company Installation by ESCO Philipines

ESCO (Philippines) had the honor to venture into a project with a renowned IT company with more than 17,000 employees operating globally, offering technology protection services to retail and telecommunications companies in the US, Europe, and Asia Pacific. Our solutions have definitely added innovative communication and collaborative tools to their vibrant working environment. The team provided solutions for the company’s facilities – a total of four floors (17th to 19th and the 21st), 7 different rooms, and the reception area of each floor.The purview of this project includes installation of AV and VC equipment in Huddle Rooms, Meeting Rooms, the Boardroom and a Townhall consisting of smaller rooms that can be opened into 1 big multi-purpose room.


The Townhall area consists of two 98” LG Displays and two 86” LG Displays occupying both training rooms and the conference room. Three units of Aver Cam520 conference cameras are utilized for video conference - integrated on the AV system using Extron HDMI and VGA cables for end-user direct presentation. The whole system is integrated through an ESCO created program uploaded on the Crestron touch panel where the end-user can easily control and select desired functions.

Extron Ceiling speakers and Shure Ceiling microphones were installed throughout the ceiling, and is extended to the pantry which can be also combined into a townhall set-up. Two 65” displays were installed in the pantry that serve as an extension of the display for the townhall set-up. When used individually, the monitors may be used for recreation.