Stay safe and secured 



External threats can hinder your business operations. Thus, it is just ideal to be equipped with the latest security technologies to prevent threatening situations from happening. With our partners in security, ESCO can supply, design, install, and maintain your required security infrastructure.



Surveillance cameras can prevent crimes and detect facial recognition to identify suspects when threat or situations occur.


Public Address System

Make important announcements to a wide audience by the use of Public Address System.


Door Access Control System 

Be ensured that all people who pass through your area are those who are only allowed. 


Sound Masking System

The most effective, intelligent, and flexible sound masking available

AXIS M20 Network Camera Series

Cost-efficient Surveillance


AcuSense 4 MP IR Varifocal Bullet Network Camera


Put your people first,  keep them safe

With the rapid occurrence of external threats hindering daily business operations, safety has become the utmost priority. With tight security and surveillance, your people would be worry free of tragic situations in the workplace. Making them focus more on their tasks and job duties.