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Keep your solutions

well maintained

Maintenance Services

It is true that every equipment has its wear and tear but to get the full ROI from it, it should be well maintained and taken care of to prolong its lifespan. We at ESCO provides maintenance services to consistently check-on your equipment, keeping it well going.


Ticketing System and On-call Support

We have a ticketing system to acknowledge service request from end-users.


We also offer phone support to accommodate our clients of any technical difficulties that may happen at any given time.


Data Analytics

We file reports quarterly for our clients to see the frequency of repairs and improve services. 

Service Packages


Repair, train, and travel support to ensure newly installed equipment runs in optimal condition. Classic entitles you to semi-annual analysis report of your equipment to which status of your investment is reflected. 

Along with "Classic" services, aging equipment is also covered for replacement. It is also subject to pricing to ensure the system runs in optimal condition.

A complete 360 support. Maintain, Manage, Repair, and Replace. Total managed services for the longevity of your investments towards complete hassle-free maintenance.




Check on your equipment regularly to save costly expense

It may sound that scheduled checkup is more costly than a repair service. However, it is actually more expensive to diagnose, replace and repair a torn out equipment. It also greatly affects time, delaying your people in their work. But with scheduled maintenance, you are sure that your equipment works well at any given time. 


Make a good decision, maintain your equipment now. 

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