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Have an efficient cabling system.

Network Solutions

ESCO provides a complete portfolio of superior quality products for your cabling system requirements. We deliver end-to-end solutions for converged networks with high flexibility and proven interoperability to ensure smooth deployment and simplified management. Professional design and advanced leading processes supported by large manufacturing capacities evoke the products to be in great demand.

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Copper Solutions

Our copper systems products include Network cables, Keystone jacks, Patch cords, Connectors, cable management, Patch panels, Wall plates.

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Data Center Cabinets

As part of the cabling system, data cabinets take an irreplaceable role in the equipment room. Cabinet not only has the simple function of storing devices but can also provide protection, electromagnetic interference shielding, and arrange equipment orderly to facilitate future maintenance. 


Fiber Optic Solutions

Over 30 years ago, first fiber optic data cable has been installed and applied. Now, with the improvement of fiber optic technique and also considering competitive costs of the complete range of optic devices. Our fiber optic solution surely fulfills the high-speed data network and telecommunication requirements.


Features that protects your data.

Collaborate with peers and Cisco on all aspects of your network. Cisco develops, manufactures and sells networking hardware, telecommunications equipment and other high-technology services and products. Including Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA), routing, switching, network management and more. 

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Fast and Reliable today and tomorrow.

D-link switch is a device that provides energy saving, reduces heat and a longer product life without sacrificing performance of functionality. It has a high-speed networking and intelligent data streaming that will surely satisfy your network connectivity. 

dlink switch.png


Expand your network with ease.

If you have small business or home business Netgear is perfect, they offer a stylish designed organizer that will keep you office and home neat and tidy, it has the standard to minimize the use of hazardous material. Because Netgear has the solutions to meet your needs. 


Allied Telesis

Simplify your day-to-day task 

A scalable and flexible to meet network demands both now and well into the future. It also create resiliency and distribute backbones that are easy to manage. 



Designed for digital workplace. 

Aruba switch series optimized for mobile users. With advanced security and network management tools. 

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