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Microsoft Teams Rooms

Get Two Existing Meeting Room Spaces Converted to
Microsoft Teams Rooms for 

*Terms and Conditions apply


ESCO is a Microsoft GOLD partner

As recognized by Microsoft as a leader within the partner community by achieving the Gold tier, we have demonstrated track records of committing excellence in evolving Microsoft technologies and maximizing benefits that clients receive by expertly implementing and deploying over hundreds of Microsoft Solutions for various start-ups, SMEs and MNCs. We have a team of dedicated Microsoft specialists that will take care of our client needs from pre-installation to post-installation to ensure that they received the best Microsoft solutions.

Easy to use and hassle-free

Create friction-free meeting spaces. Easily start or join a meeting, share ideas and content, and allow people to meet without distractions.


Any room for any purpose.

Microsoft Teams Rooms bridge the gap between in-person and remote attendees, so everyone can be seen, heard, and fully participate – whether they are working in small, medium or large meeting spaces.


Focus Room

Ideate and collaborate in spaces ideal for three to five people.

Medium Room

Share ideas and connect with up to eleven people in the room, and many more online.

Large Room

Designed to seat eighteen or more people, large meeting spaces are great for formal presentations, large team gatherings, and collaboration across work groups.

Certified devices from leading hardware partners

To deliver the best experience possible, the Microsoft Teams Rooms devices run a native Teams app built by Microsoft and are certified through a comprehensive audio/video testing and validation process.

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