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ESCO would like to extend our appreciation to each and every one of our valued customers for their continuous support and belief in our philosophy, product, and services.


Without their trust in us, ESCO would not have become the center of excellence in the AV and IT industry since 1989.


ESCO's presence spans the globe and has engaged in a wide range of industries: Education, Corporate, the Government, Retail and Entertainment, Hospitality, Banking, and Finance, as well as Petroleum and Gas companies.


To maintain trust and credibility in the AV and IT industry, ESCO welcome feedbacks to further improve on the products and services offered.


At ESCO, we treat our clients as our partners.

When we speak with you, we are invested in building

a positive relationship with you.


We understand your processes. Our solutions are tailor-made for each and every one of our partners.

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