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Work at ESCO

Come join with us as we foster your career and propel you to greater heights! Challenge your ideas and expand your personal horizon today!

Our culture


ESCO is committed to delivering world-class audio-visual solutions and services, and in this journey, we require the expertise of experienced professionals from different domains.


By being part of our inspirational team, you will be constantly up against challenging projects that will stand as a testament to your skills and talent.


We provide a fantastic platform for professionals to develop and showcase their abilities and aptitude to a full extent.


We prepare you for your success.


Dental and future health security with a wide variety of chosen hospitals and services. 


Training and Development

Adequate training provided that strengthen the professional skill set.



Great professional commitment provides better compensation and benefits.  

Current openings




AV / I.T

AV Programmer



Account Manager

Business Development Manager for Physical Security



Job Openings

Graduate recruitment


If you are a fresh graduate and looking for a challenging career in the industry, then you are in the right place. ESCO offers an array of full-time job opportunities for entry-level fresher from multiple domains, irrespective of the various educational courses or training programs they have completed.


We are always in search of exceptional minds, fresh from college and ready to prove their worth in the corporate world. Here you will be introduced to the ever-changing dynamics of the Audio Visual industry and related fields under the inspirational mentorship of our professionals.


Starting your career with ESCO will be beneficial for your future in many ways. With our career development programs, specialized skill training session, certification courses, and other exclusive learning opportunities, you can horn your skills and talent into perfection. We also offer fantastic compensation, overseas travel packages, and other benefits, based on merit.    


Students who are keen on learning and yearn to be at the edge of the technology world, ESCO will definitely be the right place. ESCO provides a wonderful platform for students to gain a deep understanding of the corporate world through internships, workshops, mentoring sessions and conferences, even before your graduation.


ESCO has plans for both long term and short term internships in our various offices. Whether you are an Engineering or Business student, there is always a window of opportunity for you. Here you will be given basic to challenging assignments where you will learn and build strong fundamental knowledge that aid you in moving towards your future career goals.


ESCO believes in nurturing and working as a team, thus there will be mentors' guidance during the internship.

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